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California Fractional Gold (1852-1876)

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Title GSvc Description Show Img Price
1855/4 25C BG-106 MS63 PCGS Sun gold toning, minimal surface marks. (MG) $550.00
1855/4 25C BG-106 MS64 NGC Visit . High end coin for the grade. $625.00
1856 25C BG-107 MS63 PCGS Looks better than 63. Last APR @748 (MG) $650.00
1853 25C BG-214 NG Low Rarity-7 Liberty Head Round Large Head. See high res images at $2,400.00
No Date 25C BG-221 MS63 PCGS Rarity-3 Liberty Head Round 11 stars (c.1853). See high res images at www... $400.00
No Date 25C BG-222 MS63 NGC Rarity-2 Liberty Head Round. See high res images at $395.00
1855 25C BG-227 MS62 PCGS Come visit us at $1,090.00
1856 25C BG-229 MS63 PCGS Rarity-4 Liberty Head Round. See high res images at $450.00
1856 25C BG-230 MS63 PCGS BG-230 Flashy yellow gold luster. Housed in an Old Green Label holder. (... $525.00
1853 50C BG-302 "Peacock" MS63 PCGS 1853 Liberty Octagonal "Peacock Reverse" 50 Cents, BG-302, Low R.4, PCGS ... $8,500.00
1853 50C BG-302 "Peacock" MS64 PCGS BG-302, PEACOCK My favorite California Fractional! A lovely example with ... $7,500.00
1853 50C BG-304 92 PCGS 1853 50C BG-304 California Fractional Gold PCGS GENUINE $385.00
1853 50C BG-415 MS64 NGC 1853 50C Liberty Round 50 Cents, BG-415, Low R.5, MS64 NGC. State II. Thi... BID (HA)
1853 50C BG-421 AU58 PCGS Rarity-4 Liberty Head Round. See high res images at $345.00
1853 50C BG-428 AU58 PCGS 1853 50C BG-428 California Fractional Gold PCGS AU-58 $358.00
1853 50C BG-435 Arms of Calif MS60 PCGS Visit . Very cool and exciting issue featuring th... $10,750.00
1853 50C BG-435 Arms of Calif MS63 PCGS KING of the CAL FRAC-! 1853 ARMS of CALIFORNIA Half Dollar Round. Breen a... $13,000.00
1853 $1 BG-505 MS63 NGC 1853 $1 Liberty Octagonal 1 Dollar, BG-505, R.4, MS63 NGC. NGC Census: (2... BID (HA)
1854 $1 BG-507 MS64 NGC 1854 $1 Liberty Octagonal 1 Dollar, BG-507, High R.6, MS64 NGC. This piec... BID (HA)
1854 $1 BG-508 AU55 PCGS Reduced from $950 ready to go $850.00
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