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Price: $495.00   
Grade: 67 PPQ
Quantity: 1
Last Update: 7/16/2019
Dealer:  (Terms) Trusted Traditions, Inc.
1940 100 Korun from Bohemia & Moravia. Protektorat Bohmen and Mahren. Pk 6s and serial number S.22A 929749. PCGS note graded 67 Premium Paper Quality and according to PMG Population Report, the highest grade for this note is 66, making this note pop one and finest known! With perfect margins and excellent embossing, visible through the third party holder, this note is one to have! Kept in impeccable quality for 75 years! Deep, strong colors! Crisp cream paper! Blue. View of Castle and Charles Bridge in Prague. On the back is red center with blue and maroon lettering. Perforated: NEPLATNE or SPECIMEN. Note- Due to the new and burgeoning world currency market, PCGS has not yet made public a world currency population report. PCGS is slated to publish a population database in the coming months. Until that time, Trusted Traditions World has used the PMG population reports solely as a guide to help evaluate the rarity of all of our notes. PMG grades a higher volume of world paper money submissions, so we feel this is a very accurate evaluation of rarity and scarcity. Should your needs require, we are happy to request from PCGS an exact population report on a case by case basis. Please contact US to confidentially discuss your short and long term Goals. Please contact us by email or here at the office if there is anything we can do for you. Enjoy! 52915xxxads.

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