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Price: $2,095.00   
Grade: 35 PPQ
Quantity: 1
Last Update: 7/11/2016
Dealer:  (Terms) Trusted Traditions, Inc.
1880 $1 Legal Tender Serial Number A2173769 with the signatures of Rosecrans and Huston. Fr 31 plate number A119/73. Graded 35 PPQ (Premium Paper Quality) Very Fine by PCGS. This is a scarce $1 Friedberg number type with the Large Red Treasury Seal. Nice clean original paper with great eye appeal on a rare note. A portrait of George Washington, the first president of the United States from 1789-1797, enhances the obverse of this note. At the left top corner of the note is a picture of Christopher Columbus in sight of land. His voyages to the Americas began a European effort at exploration and colonization of the continent. While history places great significance on his first voyage of 1492, he did not actually reach the mainland until his third voyage in 1498. Likewise, he was not the earliest European explorer to reach the Americas, as there are accounts of European transatlantic contact prior to 1492. However, Columbus' voyage came at a critical time of growing national imperialism and economic competition between developing nation states seeking wealth from the establishment of trade routes and colonies. Therefore, the period before 1492 is known as Pre-Columbian, and the anniversary of this event (Columbus Day) is celebrated throughout the Americas and in Spain and Italy. This vignette was designed by Joseph P. Ourdan. You don't see this Fr # in this level of conditions every day. The reverse of this note is known as a "sawhorse reverse". If there is something specific you need, please contact us by email or by calling. Enjoy! 62415aoiyLKads.

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