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San Francisco - California - CH 1741 - FR 1160 - PCGS 35

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Price: $450,000.00   
Grade: 35
Quantity: 1
Last Update: 9/16/2019
Dealer:  (Terms) Kagin's Inc. (0)
What we have here is a FIFTY DOLLAR National Gold Bank Note from San Francisco; the RAREST of all national gold bank notes extant – rarer than the elusive $100 example! Made available to help fill in a much needed desire to have paper money in California; these notes were widely accepted and circulated at full face value primarily due to their par with gold - as illustrated on the back. These gold notes became extraordinarily successful and were used; sometimes to the point of disintegration as most remaining examples will demonstrate. This note on the other hand was lightly used and as a result is the FINEST KNOWN EXAMPLE FOR ALL KNOWN $50 NATIONAL GOLD BANK NOTES. According to the most up-to-date census; there are only 7 $50 National Gold Bank Notes known for all banks; 5 of which are available to own. The unique Series of 1875 FIFTY is impounded at the American Numismatic Association museum and is most likely gone forever. The second example was in King Farouk’s collection but was laminated and suffered an unfortunate incident as it was ultimately destroyed in a botched conservation attempt. The third example is graded ‘GOOD” and has not been publicly available since its last appearance in 1998. The fourth example is listed in the National Bank Note Census in a PCGS 20 holder and has not been seen since 1965. The fifth example is also listed in the National Bank Note Census as Very Good and that note has not been seen since 1975. The sixth example is from the Farmer’s National Gold Bank of San Jose graded PCGS 20. And then this note; the FINEST OF ALL FIFTY’S! After personally handling 3 or the 5 known; this note is without question the finest $50 National Gold Bank Note. With excellent eye appeal; bold signatures and vivid color especially of the dark Red Seal; charter number and serial numbers; it does not get any better than this. Adding this note to your collection will secure your numismatic legacy for generations to come. Enjoy!
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Friedberg #: Fr. 1160
PCGS Currency Description: Fr. 1160 1870 $50
Grade: 35
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No composite sets currently defined for this note.

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