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Fr. 1230 5¢ First Issue Full Sheet of 20 with Inverted Backs PMG Choice Very Fine 35. ...

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Grade: 35
Quantity: 1
Last Update: 8/14/2019
Dealer:  (Terms) Heritage Auctions (

Auction: 2019 September Long Beach Expo US Currency Signature Auction - #3574 - Session 1 View this auction on the auction site
Auction Date: 9/4/2019 - 9/4/2019
Lot Number: 20084 View this lot on the auction site
Fr. 1230 5¢ First Issue Full Sheet of 20 with Inverted Backs PMG Choice Very Fine 35. From our 2015 Long Beach auction where it was cataloged, "Full sheets of First Issue fractional notes are somewhat common, but full sheets with inverted backs are very rare, with only three known for the series: a ten cent and two of this number. This sheet of twenty has straight edges, the ABNCo logo, and a fully inverted back. It is listed in the Friedberg Encyclopedia as Milton number 1R 5.4 i, with only two known. One was described by Limpert as being in the F.C.C. Boyd Collection, but the whereabouts of the other one was never stated by either Limpert or Friedberg. The Boyd/Ford sheet was sold as lot 986 in the Ford Part 3 sale for $12,000, the first time it had ever come to auction. This is a different sheet, as that example had full selvage and visible plate numbers, whereas this one is trimmed close with no outer margins to speak of, so no visible plate numbers exist. The only auction appearance of this sheet was lot 1618 in NASCA's New York sale in September 1980 where it sold for $3,700. The next largest multiple of this number is a block of twelve from the Robert Siegel 1967 sale of the Lilly collection that was bought by Tom O'Mara at the Friedberg sale and then included in his 2005 sale. This sheet is truly a rare opportunity for the advanced collector to acquire a true rarity." It brought $5,405 that night and we see no reason why this tough sheet originally from the St. Louis Fractional Currency Collection should not equal or surpass that result. HID08101242017

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