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T5 $100 1861 PF-1 Cr. 5 PCGS Very Choice New 64PPQ. ...

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Grade: 64 PPQ
Quantity: 1
Last Update: 8/14/2019
Dealer:  (Terms) Heritage Auctions (

Auction: 2019 September Long Beach Expo US Currency Signature Auction - #3574 - Session 1 View this auction on the auction site
Auction Date: 9/4/2019 - 9/4/2019
Lot Number: 20194 View this lot on the auction site
T5 $100 1861 PF-1 Cr. 5 PCGS Very Choice New 64PPQ. The last unissued sheet of $50-$100 (T-3, T-4) was hand carried by a representative of Memminger to New Orleans and was to be used as the model for replacement $50s and $100s to be designed and printed by the New Orleans Branch of the ABNCo under the banner of the Southern Bank Note Company. This very small branch office had very limited resources and was hard pressed to produce these notes in a timely fashion. Using prewar stock vignettes, new notes finally began to flow from New Orleans in August, 1861. 5,798 notes were issued between August 25 and September 23, 1861. The fall of New Orleans at the end of April, 1862 put an end to Southern Bank Note Company's Confederate business and it is believed that none of the plates used by the company to produce notes were evacuated from the city before its capitulation. Although historically collectors have referred to these $50s and $100s as the "First Richmond Notes," Southern Bank Note Company's production was so delayed that that distinction actually is held by more humble lithographed notes produced by Hoyer & Ludwig. This note was processed on September 3, 1861 by the Department of the Treasury and was placed in circulation some ten days later as evidenced by the following manuscript endorsement on the back: "Issued by me / Sept. 13, 1861 / W(illiam) J. Anderson / Q(uarte)r M(aste)r Memphis / Tenn". Anderson served as a quartermaster at Memphis into the year 1862 under the command of General Leonidas Polk. He was transferred to Columbus, Mississippi in November 1862. Anderson was paroled on May 17, 1865. This is a premium quality example that is darkly printed on bright paper with bold signatures and is a minor miracle of survival to have come down to us today in this condition. HID08101242017
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Friedberg #: T-5
PCGS Currency Description: T-5 1861 $100
Grade: 64 PPQ
PCGS Currency Population: * 4 View
Population (in higher grades): * 0
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Confederate States of America - Denomination Type Short Set
72 Note Confederate States of America Complete Type Set
Confederate States of America - Denomination Type Set
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