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SF9/33 $20 Stolen Print Shop Sheet 1861 PMG Very Fine 30. ...

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Grade: 30
Quantity: 1
Last Update: 8/14/2019
Dealer:  (Terms) Heritage Auctions (

Auction: 2019 September Long Beach Expo US Currency Signature Auction - #3574 - Session 5 View this auction on the auction site
Auction Date: 9/9/2019 - 9/9/2019
Lot Number: 21494 View this lot on the auction site
SF9/33 $20 Stolen Print Shop Sheet 1861 PMG Very Fine 30. A Guide Book of Counterfeit Confederate Currency by George B. Tremmel lists this SF9/33 note as a new variety and it is described as, "appears to be from a stolen print shop sheet with forged signatures added. Forged Delony (sic) and Ott signatures do not match serial numbers in Thian's Register. This is correct as the signatures for serial number range 1-2400-D should be C.C. Thayer for Register and Jno. Ott for Treasurer. The plated example in the above reference has serial number 1953-D. The piece in this lot has serial 1966-D. PMG describes this $20 as a "contemporary counterfeit" on its front label. Some stains are noticed. HID08101242017

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