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China: Hsüan-t'ung Dollar Year 3 (1911) XF Details (Chopmarked) NGC,...

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Grade: Details
Quantity: 1
PCGS Coin #: (not specified)
Last Update: 11/8/2019
Dealer:  (Terms) Heritage Auctions (

Auction: HKINF World & Ancient Coins Signature Auction - Hong Kong #3077 - Session 2 View this auction on the auction site
Auction Date: 12/6/2019 - 12/6/2019
Lot Number: 39022 View this lot on the auction site
Hsüan-t'ung Dollar Year 3 (1911) XF Details (Chopmarked) NGC, KM-Y31, L&M-37. No period, extra flame. Charcoal tone outlines the devices, providing a pleasing contrast against argent surfaces which display localized hints of mint luster. HID07901242017

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