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1795 H10C LM-7 XF45 NGC

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Grade: XF45
Quantity: 1
PCGS Coin #: 38591
Last Update: 11/12/2019
Dealer:  (Terms) Heritage Auctions (

Auction: 2019 December 5 - 7 US Coins Signature Auction #1302 - Session 2 View this auction on the auction site
Auction Date: 12/6/2019 - 12/6/2019
Lot Number: 3653 View this lot on the auction site
1795 H10C V-8, LM-7, R.6, XF45 NGC. The obverse die was only used to strike this rare variety, since a bisecting die crack formed early from the left side of the T in LIBERTY, down through Liberty's hair and to the rim through the lowest curl. Most, if not all specimens show this crack. If an early, unbroken die state exists, it is extremely elusive. Some examples, including the present one, show adjustment marks, although here they are light and noticeable only with a loupe. The reverse die remained unbroken through its first two marriages to create the V-7, LM-6 and this variety, then the common V-5, LM-8 where the reverse die finally cracked and was replaced. Remarkably, every single 1795 half dime obverse die is known with severe die cracks, and most of the reverses too: the dies were worked until they fell apart with die cracks or cuds. This example shows pleasing russet and aqua toning on the obverse, with deep silver-gray reverse toning. HID06601242017

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