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Jerry Connolly Stamps

10061 Riverside Drive
Toluca Lake , California  91602
Jerry Connolly
Ph: 310-985-9981

Stamps are as fascinating to me today as the day I began collecting at the age of twelve. It all started with a gift of a basic starter collection from my parents. At first it was all about filling the pages with new stamps but somewhere along the way it became more about the history, the designs, and the production variations. Philately U. had enrolled another student.

As a collector, I always sought the best centered, best quality, stamps mint or used. It was a challenge finding the good ones, particularly in the case of the used stamps. Many things can happen to a stamp along the journey from it's production to it's use in the mail and lastly to its being placed in a collection. Virtually all of the things that can happen are bad: pulled perfs, tears, creases, heavy cancels, stains, fading, etc.. When a used stamp makes it through completely unscathed it is a true condition rarity!

Superb stamps have always been desirable, limited in number, and difficult to obtain. A key factor is reaching an agreement on a particular stamp's condition. One person's definition of Gem may be another person's idea of Very Fine". With the emergence of third party grading by PSE, (Professional Stamp Experts) and more recently the Philatelic Foundation, high quality stamps can be transacted with the confidence that the stamp is as good as the seller says it is and as good as the buyer expects it to be.

We have a very simple mission. To provide our customers with quality stamps. All of our stamps come with a ten day return privilege and a guarantee of authenticity. Your satisfaction is our goal.

Please enjoy this site and if you have any questions or comments feel free to contact us.
Thanks for stopping by.

Enjoy your Stamps!

Jerry Connolly

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