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Type Coin Company specializes in certified United States Copper, Nickel, and Silver coins.

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1804 1/2C Crosslet 4, Stems MS62BN PCGS A premium MS62 with the look of a higher grade. Well struck. Appealing su... $2,475.00
1804 1/2C Plain 4 No Stems AU50BN PCGS A very attractive CAC approved half cent. Appealing color, good luster, a... $800.00
1804 1/2C Plain 4 No Stems AU53BN PCGS Light wear for the grade. Smooth, problem free surfaces. A very nice AU53... $750.00
1832 1/2C AU50BN PCGS Light wear with nice, even colored planchet. $205.00
1834 1/2C AU55BN PCGS Totally original surfaces makes this a premium AU55. Housed in the old gr... $235.00
1835 1/2C MS64BN PCGS An especially nice example with totally original surfaces. Old Green Hold... $750.00
1851 1/2C MS63BN PCGS A sharply struck. Very nice, original surfaces. A small mark at 7:00, but... $435.00
1853 1/2C AU55BN PCGS A high end AU55 with just a bit of wear on the highest points. $195.00
1853 1/2C MS63BN PCGS A very sharp and very attractive example that is 100% problem free. A few... $435.00
1853 1/2C MS64BN PCGS Really nice, 100% original and problem free surfaces. $640.00
1854 1/2C AU58BN PCGS Nice original surfaces with just a couple small marks, and hardly discern... $220.00
1855 1/2C MS64BN PCGS high end CAC approved, near Gem half cent. Pristine, textured surfaces $680.00
1794 1C Head of 1794 VG10BN PCGS A strong VG10 with good details for the assigned grade. Smooth,even color... $950.00
1794 1C Head of 1794 F15BN PCGS A flawless F15 example of this early large cent. Strong details, even col... $1,400.00
1802 1C S-232 XF40BN PCGS An attractive early large cent. Mostly smooth surfaces with just a couple... $1,375.00
1805 1C VF35BN PCGS A high end VF35 that most would call XF. Attractive and problem free $900.00
1812 1C Small Date 98BN PCGS XF details with a small area where some corrosion was removed. The perfec... $675.00
1812 1C Large Date VF20BN PCGS Very attractive, smooth and evenly worn surfaces. No problems to mention.... $1,135.00
1812 1C Large Date VF30BN PCGS A nice VF30 representative for the Classic Head large cent type. Even col... $1,320.00
1814 1C Crosslet 4 VF20BN PCGS Nice smooth even colored surfaces. $1,135.00
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