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Baseball’s Golden Age, the period between 1960 and 1969, is packed with amazing history. At Collectors Corner, we have a huge selection of collectable baseball cards that commemorate the decade’s greatest players. It’s our mission to connect you with mint-condition cards printed by Topps, Leaf and many more. From Bob Clemente and Hank Aaron to Willie Mays and Pete Rose, you’ll find thousands of collectable 1960s baseball cards in our catalog.

1960-1969 Baseball Cards

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1960 Topps 136 Jim Kaat Rookie Star PSA NM 7

Sharp card; Nice Corners; Colorful card
Seller: Jack's Cards
Posted: 10/27/17

Seller: Jack's Cards
Posted: 10/27/17

1962 Topps 563 Ken Aspromonte PSA EX 5

In my opinion this card should have been graded higher.
Seller: Jack's Cards
Posted: 10/27/17
Each of the collectable baseball cards from the 60s you see here has been professionally graded to determine its true value. We have cards graded all along the scale, from GEM-MT 10 on down, which makes it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. The 1960s baseball cards in our massive selection make excellent additions to personal collections and fantastic gifts for die-hard fans.
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