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The 1980s started the modern age of American baseball, and at Collectors Corner, we have a huge selection of collectable baseball cards to commemorate the era. Whether you’re looking for something to complement your own collection or you need to find the perfect gift for a baseball lover in your life, you’ll hit a home run with the collectable 1980s baseball cards in our selection.

1980-Present Baseball Cards

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1993 Jimmy Dean Rookies 8 Mike Piazza PSA EX-MT 6

Mike Piazza RC from 1993 Jimmy Dean.
Seller: Jack's Cards
Posted: 10/27/17
It’s tough to choose between all the collectable baseball cards in our selection. We have access to dozens of hard-to-find items, such as 1982 Cal Ripken cards by Topps, 1985 Roger Clemens cards by Fleer and 1986 Jose Canseco cards by Donruss. We can connect you with 1980s-to-present baseball cards featuring heavy hitters like Mark McGwire, Barry Bonds and many more. You’ll find all your favorite modern-day players in our catalog, and if you don’t find the card you’re looking for, simply contact one of our sellers.
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