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Collectors Corner has a wide variety of 19th century regular and special stamps that are the perfect addition to any philatelist. Our stamps have been reviewed for authenticity by the Professional Stamp Experts so that you do not have to fear about buying counterfeit or imitation stamps. Our staff prides itself on providing authentic products for collectors of stamps, coins and trading cards.

19th Regular

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90 Used
Posted: 09/01/21

95 Mint OGph
Scott# 10X1, 1846 5c Gray black, PSE XF-Sup 95, Mint OGph

US SCOTT #10X1, Unused-XF-Sup-OG-XXLH Graded 95 PSE Cert (Looks NH) (Was...
Posted: 06/10/20

0 Used
Scott# 1, 1847 5c Red brown, PSE Ungraded 0, Used

VF with a very rare 7-RING Canadian target cancel. Scott values this can...
Posted: 08/22/21

80 Used
Scott# 1, 1847 5c Red brown, PSE VF 80, Used

Graded VF 80 with both RED & BLUE cancels. Bright and fresh. with 2021 P...
Posted: 08/12/21

85 Used
Scott# 1, 1847 5c Red brown, PSE VF-XF 85, Used

This is just a very nice used numeral uno.
Posted: 09/03/21

90 Used
Posted: 12/25/20

90 Used
Scott# 1, 1847 5c Red brown, PSE XF 90, Used

US SCOTT #1, Used-XF Graded 90 PSE Cert SMQ $625 "NICE BLUE CANCEL"
Posted: 06/11/20

95 Used
Scott# 1, 1847 5c Red brown, PSE XF-Sup 95, Used

Graded XF-S 95, huge margins with a pretty RED cancel (SMQ $1400) with 2...
Posted: 06/26/21

90 Used
Posted: 01/23/21

98 Used
Scott# 1a, 1847 5c Dark brown, PSE Superb 98, Used

Graded SUPERB 98 with a pretty RED cancel. Very scarce in this grade as ...
Posted: 05/17/21

0 Used
Scott# 1b, 1847 5c Orange brown, PSE Ungraded 0, Used

A nice orange brown for someone wanting or collecting the shade varieties...
Posted: 08/06/19

80 Used
Posted: 08/22/21

0 Used
Scott# 2, 1847 10c Black, PSE Ungraded 0, Used

US SCOTT #2, Used-VF-XF Rare Canadian Cancel PSE Cert (Was: $1,750 Now: ...
Posted: 06/11/20

0 Used
Posted: 10/03/18

0 Mint NGAI
Posted: 12/18/17

85 Mint NGAI
Scott# 4, 1875 10c Black, PSE VF-XF 85, Mint NGAI

Graded VF-XF, unused, no gum as issued. Looks like a 90. (SMQ $1250) wit...
Posted: 06/26/21

90J Used
Scott# 6, 1851 1c Blue type Ia, positions 91-100L4 & 95, 97R4, PSE XF 90J, Used

Graded XF 90J with a very light circular datestamp. Showing portion of ...
Posted: 06/12/21

0 Used
Scott# 7, 1851 1c Blue type II, plate 1E or 2, PSE Ungraded 0, Used

XF+, deep vivid color with a neat black town cancel with 1980 PFC & 201...
Posted: 08/22/21

85J Used
Posted: 01/03/18

90J Used
Scott# 7, 1851 1c Blue type II, plate 1E or 2, PSE XF 90J, Used

Graded XF 90J, deep rich color with a fancy "BOSTON PAID" cancel (SMQ $...
Posted: 12/19/20
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