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For Back of the Book issues in top condition, browse the extensive selection of stamps from Collectors Corner. Our back of the book issues Include Airmail, Special Delivery, Registration, Postage Due, Shanghai Overprinted, Official, Newspaper, Parcel Post, Special Handling and Miscellaneous issues. These products are must-haves for philatelists trying to create a well-rounded and thorough collection.

Back of the Book

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80 Mint OGnh
Posted: 12/13/17

85 Mint OGnh
Posted: 12/13/17

90 Mint OGnh
Posted: 12/13/17

95 Mint OGnh
Posted: 12/13/17

75 Mint NGAI
Posted: 01/25/20

0 No Gum Condition
Scott# 65-E15h, 1861 3c Brown rose, PSE Ungraded 0, No Gum Condition

This stamp is OG. A data entry error at PSE that I will get fixed. An e...
Posted: 01/30/17

90J Used
Posted: 02/26/20

95 Mint OGnh
Scott# C1, 1918 6c Orange, PSE XF-Sup 95, Mint OGnh

Graded XF-S 95 OG NH (top PL# since removed) (SMQ $400) with 2007 PSE c...
Posted: 01/03/20

95 Used
Posted: 02/21/20

0 Mint OGnh
Scott# C2, 1918 16c Green, PSE Ungraded 0, Mint OGnh

Mint OG NH Top Plate Arrow Block of 6
Posted: 12/20/17

90 Mint OGnh
Posted: 12/13/17

90 Mint OGnh
Scott# C2, 1918 16c Green, PSE XF 90, Mint OGnh

Graded XF 90 OG NH (SMQ $190) with 2018 PSE cert.
Posted: 04/16/19

90 Used
Posted: 02/21/20

95 Mint OGh
Posted: 12/13/17

95 Mint OGnh
Posted: 11/26/18

95 Mint OGnh
Posted: 01/26/20

95 Mint OGph
Scott# C2, 1918 16c Green, PSE XF-Sup 95, Mint OGph

Early airmail stamps graded 95 are always nice additions to any collectio...
Posted: 06/12/18

90 Mint OGnh
Posted: 10/31/18

90 Mint OGnh
Posted: 02/26/20

95 Used
Posted: 05/14/18
You can make informed decisions about your stamp purchases by viewing our magnified photos that show you the high-quality of our products. Our stamps have been reviewed for authenticity by the Professional Stamp Experts and you can be assured that you’re buying the best products at a fair price. Collectors Corner is the premier marketplace for rare collectibles such as stamps, coins, currency and coins. We work with the best auction houses and dealers to get you great Back of the Book stamps that will fill out your collection. These stamps and stamp books make great gifts for budding collectors or for those sentimentally reminiscing over their favorite period of history with these authentic and unique products.
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