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0 Mint RG
Scott# O2, 1873 2c Yellow, PSE Ungraded 0, Mint RG

This is a nice looking official for those looking for affordable mint exa...
Posted: 05/07/21

0 Mint OGph
Posted: 12/18/17

0 Mint NG
Scott# O42, 1873 15c Ultramarine, PSE Ungraded 0, Mint NG

A very nice looking, affordable, very fine official.
Posted: 03/04/20

95 Mint OGh
Scott# O44, 1873 30c Ultramarine, PSE XF-Sup 95, Mint OGh

Graded XF-S 95, incredible deep vivid blue color on clean fresh paper. N...
Posted: 02/24/21

85 Mint OGh
Scott# O65, 1873 24c Dark green, PSE VF-XF 85, Mint OGh

A very nice official with a rich deep green color. It is simply gorgeous...
Posted: 05/02/18

0 Mint NG
Posted: 12/18/17

0 Mint OGph
Posted: 12/18/17

0 Mint OGnh
Posted: 12/18/17

80 Mint OGh
Scott# O93, 1873 90c Rose, PSE VF 80, Mint OGh

It's hard to find very fine or better official stamps too. This is one o...
Posted: 03/27/16