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Revenue stamps from Collectors Corners are rare pieces that will add to the value and variety of a philatelist’s collection. Our Federal Hunting Permit stamps are unique and may be a great way to expand on your collection or someone else’s as a gift. Our stamps have been reviewed by the Professional Stamp Experts for authenticity, but we also work only with certified dealers and the top auction houses so that you always receive a quality product.


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0 Mint NG
Posted: 05/20/24

85 Mint OGnh
Scott# RW1, 1934 $1 Blue, PSE VF-XF 85, Mint OGnh

A very nice stamp for the collector of nicely centered duck stamps.
Posted: 09/03/23

90J Mint OGnh
Scott# RW1, 1934 $1 Blue, PSE XF 90J, Mint OGnh

A prime stamp! RW1s in the grades of 90 and above are very hard to find.
Posted: 09/03/23

98 Mint OGnh
Posted: 06/24/24

75J Mint OGnh
Posted: 05/20/24

90 Mint OGnh
Scott# RW3, 1936 $1 Brown black, PSE XF 90, Mint OGnh

A superb early duck stamp especially for the collector who collects plate...
Posted: 02/05/19

0 Mint OGnh
Posted: 05/20/24

80 Mint OGnh
Posted: 09/03/23

70 Mint OGph
Posted: 05/20/24

80 Mint OGnh
Scott# RW7, 1940 $1 Sepia, PSE VF 80, Mint OGnh

This duck is looking to migrate to a new home where it would make a nice ...
Posted: 01/30/17

95 Mint OGnh
Posted: 05/29/24

75 Mint OGph
Posted: 05/20/24

95 Mint OGnh
Scott# RW8, 1941 $1 Brown carmine, PSE XF-Sup 95, Mint OGnh

Early duck stamps this nice are simply gorgeous!
Posted: 04/22/20

85 Mint OGph
Scott# RW9, 1942 $1 Violet brown, PSE VF-XF 85, Mint OGph

Simply a very nice stamp that will enhance any duck collection.
Posted: 11/21/18

95J Mint OGnh
Posted: 03/20/24

0 Mint OGnh
Scott# RW11, 1944 $1 Red orange, PSE Ungraded 0, Mint OGnh

A extremely fine stamp with great color. The plate number has been detac...
Posted: 01/30/17

98 Mint OGnh
Posted: 06/18/24

98 Mint OGnh
Posted: 06/18/24

95 Mint OGph
Posted: 09/03/23

98 Mint OGnh
Posted: 06/18/24
Collectors Corner revenue stamps are great for any budget; depending on the rarity of the item, you could find a product that is great for the novice collector or the seasoned veteran. Use our easy search tools to find the missing stamp for your collection and get a high-quality image of the stamp so that you can be assured that you’re confidently making the right purchase. Collectors Corner is run by certified professionals who know about authenticity and know how important your collection is to you. Trust us for the purchase of your revenue stamps, as well as your coins, currency, trading cards and other rare items.