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Last Update: 7/7/2021
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This Regular issue note was first issued in 1948, "Cinco Pesetas," meaning 5 Pesetas. It is dark green on Lilac Underprint, with Juan Sebastian on the left side of the note and three corners with the denomination of the note, the back of the note encases in tombstone fashion "Banco De Espana" (meaning Bank of Spain) surrounded by two 5's on either side. Also on the back is the serial # which on our note is E03168374! The watermark on this note is the head of a man. Juan Sebastian Elcano was a Spanish explorer who served as a naval commander of Charles 1 of Spain & took part in the expedition to the Philippines. He participated in fierce mutiny against Magelian before the Armada discovered the passage through South America, the "STRAIT OF MAGELIAN. He was spared by Magellan and after five months of hard labour in chains was made captain of the Galleon a large, multi-decked ship. He was monumental in the survival of men that went out on an expedition and came back alive after crossing the Indian & Atlantic Ocean! Elcano was awarded "Coat of Arms"by Charles I of Spain, featuring a globe with the motto: Primus circumdedisti me ("You went around me first"), and an annual pension, because of his great fetes! The Trusted Traditions World Division strongly advises the additions of World Notes to your numismatic portfolio. At this time, prices realized for rare, top certified population world notes of the highest quality are 50%-75% less than the cost of comparable US notes. Often, these world notes are older, with more history and just as ornate. Globalization has brought world notes into a new market and Trusted Traditions wants to be your reliable source for this thriving market in the same way we have been for over 16 years in our US division. With any world note that you may observe, if you have any questions, thoughts or suggestions, please do not hesitate to call or email us directly. Thank you and enjoy! Note- populations are accurate at date of post. 41014asxsbarlc.

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