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Price: $395.00   
Grade: 66 PPQ
Quantity: 1
Last Update: 7/11/2016
Dealer:  (Terms) Trusted Traditions, Inc. (1)
1979 1 Lira from Malta. Pk 34CS1 and serial number +001143. Specimen note graded 66 Premium Paper Quality Gem New by PCGS and there are no notes graded finer according to PMG Population Report! The word "SPECIMEN" is pressed on the center on both sides in bold red color. A lovely note with great colors with details and designs throughout both sides. Black serial number on the front of the note. Written in two different languages, including English. Brown on multicolor underprint. Map at upper left, arms at upper right. Watch tower "Gardjola" at center. New University at left center on the reverse side. Watermark of a allegorical head of Malta. Note- Due to the new and burgeoning world currency market, PCGS has not yet made public a world currency population report. PCGS is slated to publish a population database in the coming months. Until that time, Trusted Traditions World has used the PMG population reports solely as a guide to help evaluate the rarity of all of our notes. PMG grades a higher volume of world paper money submissions, so we feel this is a very accurate evaluation of rarity and scarcity. Should your needs require, we are happy to request from PCGS an exact population report on a case by case basis. Please contact US to confidentially discuss your short and long term Goals. Please contact us by email or here at the office if there is anything we can do for you. Enjoy! 72315xxxads.

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