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Currency Picks of the Week - July 27, 2020

- July 27, 2020

Currency Picks of the Week
For the Week of 07-27-20
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Currency Picks of the Week

FR 340 $100 1880 Silver Certificate PMG 45$100 Black Backs are some of the most desirable pieces of US currency extant. Flanked to the left by our fifth President James Monroe; this is a sensationally rare item that is absent in most high-end currency collections. With only 8 examples available$250,000.00
La Crosse - Wisconsin - CH 2344 - FR 391 - PMG 65 EPQLazy Two’s are probably the most iconic and notable $2 bills ever produced by the United States government. I am positive that many Americans can secretly admit to collecting $2 bills. Somewhere inside our wallets or purses; we got one stashed and would n$38,500.00
T- 1 $1000 1861 Confederate States of America PCGS 30AT-1 $1000 1861 Confederate States of America PCGS 35A - $1000 Montgomery notes are considered to be the most important Confederate note ever produced by the CSA. Regarded as the trophy note of the South; there are only approximately 137 known survivor$36,500.00
FR 320 $20 1891 Silver Certificate PMG 66 EPQ$20 1891 Silver Certificates are some of the most enticing silver certificates extant. With allegorical figures representing Agriculture and Industry flanking Daniel Manning on the face; the design and detail are second to none. On the back; you will fi$27,500.00
FR 431 $20 1875 National Bank Note PCGS 64 PPQFINEST KNOWN $20 First Charter National Bank Note – First charter national bank notes are some of the most desirable pieces of United States currency extant. Alluring due to their pleasing vignettes; first charter nationals embrace the viewer’s eyes and e$27,500.00

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