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Capped Bust Half Dollar (1807-1839)

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1807 50C Large Stars 50/20 VF20 PCGS Type Coin Company. Go to to get the full descript... $650.00
1807 50C Large Stars 50/20 XF45 NGC 1807 50C Capped, Large Stars, 50/20 XF45 NGC. O-112, R.1. The upper curve... BID (HA)
1807 50C Large Stars 50/20 AU50 PCGS 1807 50C Large Stars, 50 Over 20 AU50 PCGS. CAC. O-112, R.1. This popular... BID (HA)
1807 50C Large Stars 50/20 AU55 PCGS O-112 R.1 Very sharp details for this date. Gunmetal gray surfaces with s... $4,750.00
1807 50C O-112 Lg Stars 50/20 Capped Bust NG PLEASE VISIT US AT WWW.BUYUSCOINS.COM $400.00
1807 50C O-111b Lg Stars 50/20 Bearded Goddess XF40 PCGS O-111A,R.5 Original gray patina with an attractive gold crust around most... $6,750.00
1807 50C Small Stars G4 PCGS This is a 1807 DRAPED BUST HALF DOLLAR - SMALL STARS PCGS G-4. You may ei... $289.00
1807 50C Small Stars G6 Uncertified This is a 1807 CAPPED BUST HALF DOLLAR G-6. You may either order this ite... $250.00
1807 50C Small Stars AU53 NGC 1807 50C Small Stars AU53 NGC. O-113a, R.2. This early Capped Bust die va... BID (HA)
1807 50C Large Stars AU53 PCGS 1807 50C Large Stars AU53 PCGS. O-114, R.3. The 1807 Large Stars half dol... BID (HA)
1808 50C MS64 NGC Visit or call (800)347-3250 and ask for Micha... $7,750.00
1808 50C Overton 107a F15 PCGS FUN new purchase this early half has battleship gray toning and nice surf... $325.00
1808/7 50C XF45 NGC 1808/7 CAPPED BUST HALF DOLLAR,,, 6091.45/1700807-001, EF45 NGC CSNS $795.00
1809 50C XF40 PCGS O-106,R.3 Really attractive for the grade! An overall shimmery tanish gol... $750.00
1809 50C XF40 PCGS Well detailed with pleasing steel-gray surfaces. $550.00
1809 50C AU50 PCGS O-102A,R-1 Completely crusty and original with a golden-gray patina. CAC ... $950.00
1809 50C XXX Edge XF40 PCGS CAC or call Gene Nesheim 1-800-458-4646 Ext 219. $1,025.00
1809 50C XXX Edge XF40 PCGS O-101, R-5 Attractive medium gray patina with a hints of gold and pearly ... $4,750.00
1809 50C XXX Edge XF45 PCGS O-110,R-6 Crusty with deep slate and gold toning. Some characteristics of... $5,000.00
1809 50C Overton 101 XXX Edge VG10 PCGS O-101, R.5 Thsi scarce variety is most easily identified by it's reverse ... $1,350.00
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