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Liberty Seated Half Dollar (1839-1891)

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1839 50C No Drapery VF30 PCGS Type Coin Company. Go to to get the full descript... $1,385.00
1839 50C Seated, No Drapery MS64 PCGS Visit or call (800)347-3250 and ask for Micha... $65,000.00
1839 50C Seated, Drapery MS64 PCGS 1839 50C Drapery MS64 PCGS. CAC. WB-102, R.2. The With Drapery variety is... LBE BID (HA)
1840 50C Reverse of 1839 AU50 1840 50C Small Letters -- Improperly Cleaned -- NCS. AU Details. NGC Cens... BID (HA)
1840-O 50C F12 PCGS WB-6 R-6++ Very rare die paring early O mint with original color. $650.00
1841-O 50C MS63 PCGS Visit or call (800)347-3250 and ask for Micha... $4,350.00
1842 50C Small Date, Rev of 1842 MS64 NGC 1842 50C Small Date, Rev of 1842 MS64 NGC. WB-101, R.2. The so-called "L... LBE BID (HA)
1842 50C Medium Date MS65 PCGS Visit or call (800)347-3250 and ask for Micha... $9,950.00
1842-O 50C Small Date, Rev 1839 VG8 PCGS 1842-O 50C Small Date, Small Letters VG8 PCGS. WB-101, Die Pair 2, R.5. T... LBE BID (HA)
1842-O 50C Medium Date, Rev 1842 MS64 PCGS $8,800.00
1843 50C AU55 ANACS Lustrous with a hint of golden tone. There are some neat obverse and reve... $415.00
1843 50C MS65 NGC 1843 50C MS65 NGC. WB-101, R.3. Certainly in the top dozen or so finest-k... LBE BID (HA)
1844 50C XF45 PCGS $325.00
1846 50C Tall Date AU55 PCGS 1846 Tall Date Seated Liberty Half Dollar PCGS AU-55 $825.00
1846 50C 6/Horizontal 6 MS63 PCGS CAC-certified. Popular Red Book variety (Red Book=11,000). Beautifully to... $10,800.00
1846 50C 6/Horiz 6 FS-301 WB-104 (FS-003) AU58 NGC 1846 50C 6 Over Horizontal 6, WB-104, FS-301, AU58 NGC. Light to medium c... LBE BID (HA)
1847 50C MS64 PCGS Description Coming Soon. $4,375.00
1848-O 50C AU58 PCGS 1848-O 50C AU58 PCGS. CAC. WB-101, Die Pair 8, R.3. From the personal col... LBE BID (HA)
1851 50C XF45 PCGS 1851 50C XF45 PCGS. WB-101, R.6. This is a scarce-to-rare issue in the Se... LBE BID (HA)
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