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Bust Half Dime (1792)

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1792 H10C VF25 PCGS

Visit or Call (850) 785-9546
Posted: 07/04/17

1792 H10C MS65 NGC

Visit or call (800) 347-3250 and ask for Mich...
Posted: 01/17/18

1800 Bust Half Dime Choice XF+ NIce Strike

This 1800 Bust Half Dime has great eye appeal with a nice strike and nice...
Posted: 08/04/14

1831 Bust Half Dime Nice BU Detail Nice Strike Nice Eye Appeal

This 1831 Bust Half Dime has nice eye appeal with a nice strike, nice col...
Posted: 01/22/16

1835 Bust Half Dime NGC MS65 Superb Eye Appeal

This nice, original 1835 Bust Half Dime has superb eye appeal, nice luste...
Posted: 11/11/15

1835 Bust Half Dime Strong AU/BU Detail Nice Eye Appeal

This 1835 Bust Half Dime has nice eye appeal with strong detail. This is ...
Posted: 01/22/16

1836 Bust Half Dime AG Decent Eye Appeal Even Wear

This 1836 Bust Half Dime has decent eye appeal and even wear. Grade: AG ...
Posted: 01/22/16
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