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Pick# 145Ac CHINA 1927 1 Yuan PMG AU 55 Bank of Communication Pick# 145Ac CHINA, Bank of Communications; Shanghai 1 Yuan Printer: ABN... $750.00
People's Republic of China 1949 1000 Yuan PMG CU 64EPQ Peoples Bank of China 1949 1000 Yuan PMG CU 64EPQ Peoples Republic of Ch... $925.00
Pick#: 872 CHINA 1955 5 Yuan PMG CU 58EPQ Pick# 872: People's Republic of China 1955 5 Yuan Beautiful center vigne... $700.00
TT PK 118q 1914 CHINA 10 YUAN "SHIP" PMG 66 EPQ GEM EXACTLY ONE CENTUR... 1914 10 Yuan from China. Bank of Communications. Pk 118q and serial numbe... $395.00
1999 Set of Foreign Currency AU/UNC CHINA PICK#895-901 7 PIECE COMPLETE SET 1-100 YUAN. $175.00
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