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Confederate States of America (1861-1863)

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1861 50C CSA Restrike PCGS Genuine

Scott Restrike, CSA W-13 Base Coin, Choice Original Mint State Reverse, S...
Posted: 01/16/19

1861 50C CSA Restrike MS61 PCGS

Rare restrike of the Confederate States of America half dollar. The are o...
Posted: 01/21/19

1861 Token CSA Scott Obverse Confederate Reverse MS64 PCGS

Produced in 1879 when J.W. Scott a prominent numismatist at the time purc...
Posted: 01/21/19

1861 1C CSA Restrike-Cop NGC Details

1861 1C Confederate States of America Cent, Copper Restrike -- Cleaned --...
Posted: 01/16/19
Ends: 01/31

1962 50C CSA-Bashlow Restrike Silver MS65 PCGS

1962 50C CSA-Bashlow Restrike, Silver MS65 PCGS. PCGS Population: (3/11)....
Posted: 01/16/19
Ends: 02/03
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