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HB Philatelics

PO Box 2320
Florissant , Missouri  63032
Guy Gasser
Ph: 314-330-8684
HB Philatelics

     Well, I see you were brave enough to click on the About Us tab so allow me to introduce myself.  I’m Guy Gasser, your friendly neighborhood proprietor for HB Philatelics and this site.  I started this dealership in November of 2009 as a part time gig while still on active duty with the U.S. Army.  Then June 1st, 2011 happened.  I retired after serving 30 years in the Regular Army.  I am originally from Helena, Montana, but currently reside in Florissant, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis to the North.  I have a bachelor’s degree from the United States Military Academy at West Point and a Master of Business Administration from Regis University in Denver, Colorado.  Okay, great.  Now what to do?  Why not give back to the hobby as not only one who has collected for years, but as a dealer to help others learn and enjoy this hobby just as much, and ya, perhaps make a buck or two.  After all, this is a business. 

     As a collector, off and on, for the past 50 years, and now a philatelist, I couldn’t think of a much better way to enjoy my retirement than to work in the hobby that I have grown to love over the years.  I can also help others enjoy and learn about philately.  It doesn’t matter what age either.  I enjoy working with youth just as much as with adults.   

     I started collecting United States stamps when I was 11 years old.  I guess I am the family black sheep as no one else in my family, to include any relatives, collected stamps.  So what got me started?  The Boy Scouts of America got me started.  I had just moved up from Weblos to Boy Scouts and at my first Troop meeting I realized that I had no merit badges, but everyone else did.  Hmm, what could I do to get me a merit badge or two and do it quick?  Well, I went through the merit badge book searching for what I thought would be the easiest and quickest merit badges to earn.  I came upon stamp collecting.  Turns out it was pretty easy, but it also turned out to be quite interesting and enjoyable.  But, I had bigger and better things to do in my quest for something.  So, with that box checked, I packed up my collection and to the top of the closet it went!

     Three years passed by and I am now the old age of 14!  You remember that age.  A freshman in HS and know everything!  It so happens that one day during this most difficult time in a teenager’s life I noticed a box on the top shelf of my closet.  Now, what is in that box?  I had no clue as I had long since forgotten about what the contents might be.  Naturally, my curiosity said take it down and see what’s inside, and of course I did.  Low and behold there it was!  My stamp collection!  I pulled it out and rummaged through the box, and the rest, as has been said so many times before, is history!  And, as another little side note, I am certified to help the Scouts earn their badges.

     It is now 50 some odd years later and I am still at it, but now from both sides of the table although the collecting part has fallen way off.  Something about this new day job!  I have been a member of the APS since 2006, #204487. I am also a member of the ASDA, NSDA, MSDA, United States Philatelic Classics Society, United States Classics Society, Collector's Club of New York, two stamp clubs (Greater Mound City (President) and Webster Groves) in the St. Louis area, regularly subscribe to several philatelic magazines, and have started to build a pretty good reference library.

     The ‘rest of us’ are a few idiot collectors who happen to be friends who want to see this idea succeed, and therefore have given of their time, energy, and sanity to this business; the inventory entered, the stamps sorted, the certs filed, and so on. Any errors are most certainly theirs. Please bring them to my attention so that the beatings may commence until morale improves.

     Seriously though, I am always open to ideas, suggestions, constructive criticism, and anything else those of you who want to throw my way. I may not always adopt it, but I sure can’t consider it if not presented.  Also, if for any reason my service has not been superb, GEM 100, please bring that to my attention too.  I can’t fix it if I don’t know there is a problem, and remember that sometimes we don’t see the forest for the trees so I may not see anything wrong even though it is right in front of me.

     Thanks again for reading about me and HB Philatelics.  Now, let’s go shopping and have some fun with your stamps!


                                                                        Guy A. Gasser

                                                                        Major, USA (Ret)



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0 Used
Scott# 1b, 1847 5c Orange brown, PSE Ungraded 0, Used

A nice orange brown for someone wanting or collecting the shade varieties...
Seller: HB Philatelics (4)
Posted: 08/06/19

85 Used
Scott# 12, 1856 5c Red brown, PSE VF-XF 85, Used

A great looking stamp with a light New Orleans Mar 29th CDS. Everyone wh...
Seller: HB Philatelics (4)
Posted: 09/18/20

0 Used
Scott# 23, 1857 1c Blue type IV, PSE Ungraded 0, Used

A gorgeous example of this tough stamp with a light face free cancel. Th...
Seller: HB Philatelics (4)
Posted: 10/02/21

0 Mint OGph
Scott# 36B, 1860 12c Black plate III, PSE Ungraded 0, Mint OGph

A great looking example that is a challenge to find in OG condition. It ...
Seller: HB Philatelics (4)
Posted: 02/18/15

80 Mint RG
Scott# 38, 1860 30c Orange, PSE VF 80, Mint RG

A very fine looking mint stamp for those wanting mint, but can't handle O...
Seller: HB Philatelics (4)
Posted: 04/04/21

0 Used
Scott# 79, 1867 3c Rose A. grill, PSE Ungraded 0, Used

A nice example of this tough stamp with a light cancel. The usual perf f...
Seller: HB Philatelics (4)
Posted: 08/23/20

0 Used
Scott# 85, 1867 3c Rose D. grill, PSE Ungraded 0, Used

A nice looking D grill with a clean cork cancel. It wants to go home wit...
Seller: HB Philatelics (4)
Posted: 05/11/17

80 Used
Scott# 96, 1867 10c Yellow green F. grill, PSE VF 80, Used

A very nice copy with an almost full circle of small wedges cancel. A ni...
Seller: HB Philatelics (4)
Posted: 11/07/11

70 Used
Scott# 124, 1875 2c Brown, PSE F 70, Used

A nice example of this tough stamp used with a light, unobtrusive cancel.
Seller: HB Philatelics (4)
Posted: 08/23/20

0 Used
Scott# 143, 1870 30c Black grilled, PSE Ungraded 0, Used

A tough stamp to find sound in any condition. This one with a light canc...
Seller: HB Philatelics (4)
Posted: 03/04/20

95 Used
Scott# 184, 1879 3c Green, PSE XF-Sup 95, Used

Wonderful looking stamp for someone.
Seller: HB Philatelics (4)
Posted: 11/12/16

0 Mint OGnh
Scott# 189, 1879 15c Red orange, PSE Ungraded 0, Mint OGnh

A nice, never hinged example with bright color of this large banknote pri...
Seller: HB Philatelics (4)
Posted: 06/20/20

0 Mint NG
Scott# 190, 1879 30c Full black, PSE Ungraded 0, Mint NG

A nice VF/XF looking stamp priced to move.
Seller: HB Philatelics (4)
Posted: 04/22/20

90 Used
Scott# 211, 1883 4c Blue green, PSE XF 90, Used

A difficult stamp to find in extremely fine condition. It will make a ni...
Seller: HB Philatelics (4)
Posted: 03/27/16

0 Mint OGnh
Scott# 212, 1887 1c Ultramarine, PSE NG 0, Mint OGnh

A very nice, crisp, fresh example of this first small bank note design. ...
Seller: HB Philatelics (4)
Posted: 11/07/11

0 Mint OGnh
Scott# 212, 1887 1c Ultramarine, PSE Ungraded 0, Mint OGnh

A nice, never hinged example with nice color of the 1887 regular issue.
Seller: HB Philatelics (4)
Posted: 06/20/20

85 Mint OGnh
Scott# 230, 1893 1c Blue, PSE VF-XF 85, Mint OGnh

Simply a nice looking 1 cent Columbian for those not interested in the hi...
Seller: HB Philatelics (4)
Posted: 09/03/21

95J Used
Scott# 231, 1893 2c Brown violet, PSE XF-Sup 95J, Used

A superb looking stamp with a light duplex cancel. There are not very ma...
Seller: HB Philatelics (4)
Posted: 12/06/13

85 Used
Scott# 234, 1893 5c Chocolate, PSE VF-XF 85, Used

A very nice, clean used Columbian.
Seller: HB Philatelics (4)
Posted: 10/29/17

0 Mint OGnh
Scott# 240, 1893 50c Slate blue, PSE Ungraded 0, Mint OGnh

This is a difficult stamp to find never hinged. The nibbled perf at the ...
Seller: HB Philatelics (4)
Posted: 05/07/21