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The Need for Nostalgia

Taking My Hacks

Joe Orlando - June 29, 2020

By the time this article posts, our current battle with COVID-19 will have become a few months old and I am certainly hoping that things are much better than they were at the time of this writing.  While composing this editorial, things certainly appeared to be looking up.  After weeks of mostly doom and gloom, our leaders started to address how we could get our world moving again.

Interestingly enough, the collectibles world received a fair share of attention during the first couple of months of this crisis.  To the amazement of many, the collectibles market continued to perform well under the challenging circumstances.  For those of us who find ourselves immersed in the hobby, it wasn't all that surprising ... but it was certainly welcomed news.

In stressful times, human beings seek comfort.  There's no doubt that finding comfort can take a lot of different forms, some being healthier than others, but getting lost in nostalgia is one of them.  People feel the need to connect... the need to connect to each other and, sometimes, the need to connect to the past... the need for nostalgia.

Memories.  They can make us smile, cry and everything in between.  Revisiting great memories is a natural thing when we have time on our hands.  Living in America, we often don't have enough time to stop and enjoy simple things like memories... at least as often as we should.  During this crisis, I have felt the urge to do just that and have.  I don't think I am alone.

I've found myself sifting through old memory boxes filled with photos, videos, greeting cards, newspaper clippings and more.  Revisiting the past has been a lot of fun recently and it has helped, at least temporarily, take my mind off these challenging times.  I have also disappeared into my collection more than usual and have come to realize that I don't do either one of these things enough, but we become creatures of habit over time.  I know that I haven't allocated enough time in my normal schedule to allow it.

I can remember traveling to Italy years ago, which happens to be a favorite memory of mine, and so many of the tour guides and people I met would often make the same kind of remark after I told them where I was from.

"Work, work, work," they would say, in reaction to me sharing I was from the United States.  Of course, they were joking around, but there's often a little bit a truth behind every joke.  In this case, there was probably a lot of truth, at least from their perspective.  The European culture, like most cultures, is different from ours.  It's not about right or wrong, good or bad, the culture is just different.

They clearly value their time in a way that is foreign to most Americans.  I have to admit, what they said struck a chord with me.  There are times when I really feel like it's Groundhog Day.  You get up, go to work and then it starts all over again the next day.  We've all been there and shared those feelings.

Routine is part of life, a big part of life, so what's important is that we make more time for the things we enjoy.  Nostalgia might be one of them.  As part of the COVID-19 crisis, most of us have been forced to spend a lot more time at home, which can get challenging.  Insert your own shelter-at-home joke here.

That "extra" time gave countless people the opportunity to revisit memories and, in some cases, reconnect with the hobby.  It may have started with a YouTube video or a stroll down memory lane from the confines of your attic, garage or man cave, but something was ignited in a lot of people.  Our own website experienced all-time record traffic, by far, during the supposed toughest weeks of the pandemic.  I am sure other websites in our space experienced the same.

Crisis or no crisis, the lesson some of us have learned from being forced to slow down is that we need to do so occasionally as collectors.  Our hobby requires time and nurturing.  I can tell you from personal experience that I feel less connected to my collection if I pull away from it too much.

In some ways, collecting is like tending to a garden.  In most cases, it doesn't take much to care for it, but you need to be consistent or it wilts.  If we spend enough time on the hobby that we love, the more our collections grow.


Never get cheated,

Joe Orlando

Joe Orlando
President & CEO
Collectors Universe, Inc.

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