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$2.42 In Pennies Auctions For Nearly $1.1 Million At The Bowers And Merena Milwaukee Rarities Sale.

IRVINE, Calif. - Bowers and Merena Auctions, America's leading rare coin auction house, announces the extraordinary success of their Milwaukee Rarities Sale, held August 4, 2007, prior to the ANA World’s Fair of Money.   The two-session auction offered more than 1,800 lots and realized an exceptional $6.5 million in sales.

“There were so many amazing lots in this auction, true rarities,” said Steve Deeds, Bowers and Merena President.  “This sale generated a lot of excitement going in to the auction, and there was great energy and camaraderie on the auction floor – good, friendly competition among bidders.”

At the center of the excitement was the Dan Close “Close to Perfect” Collection, the Number One All-Time Finest PCGS Registry Set of Lincoln Cents with Varieties, Circulation Strikes (1909-Present).  Building a registry set is a way to track your collection and compete with others who share your love of the hobby, as Close had done with his award-winning set of Lincoln cents.  Presented to a nearly full room beginning at Lot 63, bidding on many of the key lots erupted in heated price wars as collectors battled to win the coveted Lincoln cents that would bring them closer to completing their own registry sets.  When it was all done, 242 of 243 lots had sold for a total of nearly $1.1 million.

Dan Close and his wife, Kelly, were on hand to witness the bidding action and the fervor surrounding his prized collection, which took him 11 years to complete.  “This was an enormous event for me, and from my very first meeting with Steve Deeds I knew I had made the right decision in choosing Bowers and Merena,” said Close.  “Their first-rate reputation is well-earned, and I was especially pleased with their extensive marketing and promotion of my collection.  The prices realized were way beyond my wildest dreams!”

“Our presentation of the Dan Close Collection was a phenomenal success,” Deeds added.  “Just as we expected, each lot was met by eager bidding, thanks to both the healthy Registry Set sector and the sheer quality of virtually every piece in this assemblage.  True quality is immediately recognized in today’s market by both dealers and collectors alike, so it comes as little surprise to have set a number of world records.”

Highlights from the sale of the Dan Close Collection include Lot 63, a 1909 V.D.B. Lincoln Cent in PCGS Proof-65 RD that sold for $46,000, and Lot 99, a 1917 Double Die Obverse Lincoln Cent in PCGS MS-66 RD that realized $48,300.

Another major event of the auction was the sale of Lot 1906, an 1854-O Liberty Twenty in PCGS AU-55, which sold for $494,500.  Said Deeds, “This is one of the most coveted Liberty Double Eagles for a number of reasons.  First and foremost is its limited original production of just 3,250 pieces, yet we offered one of the finest examples known to the numismatic community, with a population of just three at PCGS in the AU-55 grade.  When representatives appear at public auction, they bring tremendous prices, as evidenced by this offering which realized nearly a half million dollars, four-and-half times the previous auction record.”

One more record-breaking sale was Lot 480, a 1935 Double Die Reverse Buffalo Nickel in PCGS MS-65 that fetched $104,650, three times the previous auction record.

Prices realized for all lots in the Bowers and Merena Milwaukee Rarities Sale can be viewed online at, or call 800.458.4646 to request a printed list.  Bowers and Merena’s next auction is the Collector’s Choice Auction held September 17-26, 2007, an Internet-only auction with lot viewing at the Bowers and Merena headquarters in Irvine, Calif.  That will be followed by the Bowers and Merena Official Auction of the Baltimore Coin and Currency Convention scheduled for November 14-17, 2007.

Bowers and Merena Auctions was founded in 1983 and has grown to become the world’s preeminent numismatic auctioneer with more than half a billion dollars in rare coin and currency sales.  Bowers and Merena has handled four of the five most valuable United States coin collections ever sold, including the Louis E. Eliasberg Sr. Collection, the Harry W. Bass Jr. Collection, the Garrett Collection for The Johns Hopkins University, and the Norweb Collection.

For more information about Bowers and Merena and the August 2007 Milwaukee Rarities Sale, call 800.458.4646.  For media inquiries, ask for President Steve Deeds.  Complete prices realized for all past auctions are available at



Lot Description Prices Realized
63 1909 V.D.B. Lincoln Cent. Proof-65 RD (PCGS). $ 46,000.00
76 76 1911-D Lincoln Cent. MS-66 RD (PCGS). $ 16,100.00
78 1912 Lincoln Cent. Proof-65 RD (PCGS). $ 5,405.00
89 1914-S Lincoln Cent. MS-65 RD (PCGS). $ 13,225.00
97 1916-S Lincoln Cent. MS-65 RD (PCGS). $ 15,525.00
98 1917 Lincoln Cent. MS-67 RD (PCGS). $ 14,375.00
99 1917 Lincoln Cent. FS-013, Breen-2081. Double Die Obverse. MS-66 RD (PCGS). $ 48,300.00
101 1917-S Lincoln Cent. MS-65 RD (PCGS). $ 36,800.00
104 1918-S Lincoln Cent. MS-65 RD (PCGS). $ 37,950.00
107 1919-S Lincoln Cent. MS-65 RD (PCGS). $ 31,050.00
114 1922 No D. Lincoln Cent. Die Pair II. Strong Reverse. MS-64 BN (PCGS). $ 48,300.00
128 1927-S Lincoln Cent. MS-65 RD (PCGS). $ 26,450.00
139 1931-D Lincoln Cent. MS-66 RD (PCGS). $ 10,063.00
149 1935-S Lincoln Cent. MS-67 RD (PCGS). $ 23,000.00
153 1936 Lincoln Cent. DDO-1. Type I. MS-66 RD (PCGS). $ 19,378.00
156 1937 Lincoln Cent. Proof-66 Cameo (PCGS). $ 12,075.00
168 1940 Lincoln Cent. Proof-67 RD (PCGS). $ 5,750.00
233 1957 Lincoln Cent. MS-67 RD (PCGS). $ 12,075.00
255 1969-S Lincoln Cent. Doubled Die Obverse. MS-64 RB (PCGS). $ 85,100.00
287 1990 No S. Lincoln Cent. Proof-69 RD Deep Cameo (PCGS). $ 20,700.00


Lot Description Prices Realized
355 1867 Shield Nickel. Rays. Proof-64 (PCGS). $ 50,600.00
480 1935 Buffalo Nickel. DDR-1, FS-018. MS-65 (PCGS). $ 104,650.00
1458 1889-CC Morgan Silver Dollar. MS-62 (PCGS). $ 28,635.00
1643 1872 Pattern Dollar. Judd-1226. Pollock-1368. Rarity-7. Proof-66 Cameo (PCGS). $ 30,475.00
1906 1854-O Liberty Double Eagle. AU-55 (PCGS). $ 494,500.00
1944 1885-CC Liberty Double Eagle. MS-62 (PCGS). $ 33,350.00


Lot Description Prices Realized
1089* Clifton, Territory of AZ. $10 1882 Date Back. Fr. 545. The FNB. Charter # (P)5821. Very Fine. $ 57,500.00
1091* Clifton, AZ. $20 1902 Value Back. Fr. 584. The FNB. Charter #(P)5821. Very Good - Fine. $ 14,375.00
1102* Prescott, Territory of AZ. $5 1882 Date Back. Fr. 533. The Prescott NB. Charter #(P)4851. Very Fine. $ 39,100.00
1105* Tucson, AZ. $10 1929 Ty. 1. The Consolidated NB. Charter #4287. Choice Almost Uncirculated. $ 13,800.00
1130* Alamogordo, Territory of NM. $20 1902 Red Seal. Fr. 641. The Citizens NB. Charter #(W)8315. Choice Very Fine. $ 36,800.00
1131* Clayton, Territory of NM. $5 1882 Brown Back. Fr. 477. The FNB. Charter #(W)5713. Fine. $ 15,525.00
1288* Cheyenne, WY. $5 1875. Fr. 407. The Stock Growers NB. Charter #2652. Choice Very Fine. $ 16,675.00
1295* Laramie City, WY. $20 1902 Red Seal. Fr. 641. The Albany County NB. Charter #(W)3615. Very Good. $ 18,400.00
1296* Laramie, WY. $10 1882 Brown Back. Fr. 487. The FNB. Charter #(W)4989. Very Fine. $ 14,950.00

* Not certified

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