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PCGS to Attribute Branch Mint Marks on Silver Eagles

UPDATE 4/7/2017 9:22AM PST: For 2014-2017 boxes that have a sticker on the side that includes the designation “WPM”, PCGS believes that these boxes, regardless of their serial number, originated in West Point.  Therefore, at this time, and until we receive further clarification from the U.S. Mint, we will not be attributing such boxes to Philadelphia or San Francisco.

Acting upon the original documents provided to Coin World in response to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, Professional Coin Grading Service is pleased to announce that it will attribute certain 2014 through 2017 American Silver Eagles with a “mint mark” indicating where the coin was struck.

Officially, American Silver Eagles during this period were minted at the West Point Mint, and in fact, most American Silver Eagles were in fact struck at that branch.  However, due to high demand, the U.S. Mint used the facilities in San Francisco and Philadelphia to augment the production of the West Point Mint.

Until now, the information about how many American Silver Eagles were made in each of the other branches has not been released to the public.  Instead, the Mint’s figures officially reflected the total mintage, and listed those mintages as having been produced at West Point.

However, the FOIA documents reveal a method of identifying where a given box of Silver Eagles was minted.  Following this method, PCGS will attribute coins from such boxes as having been produced at the branch mint at which it was made.

For example, a Silver Eagle minted in Philadelphia in 2015 would be attributed “2015-(P)”.  The mintage figures, and how to identify them, are set forth in the tables below.

San Francisco Mint
Year Mintage Box #/Identification
2014 7,025,000 Red banding
2015 0 N/A
2016 4,650,000 Various 6 digits starting with 4
2017 3,000,000* Various 6 digits starting with 4
Philadelphia Mint
Year Mintage Box #/Identification
2014 0 N/A
2015 79,640 Various 5 digits starting with 1
Note that boxes with a sticker that states “WPM” upon it are not believed to be from Philadelphia and will not be attributed from Philadelphia.
2016 1,151,500 Various 6 digits starting with 5
2017 1,000,000* Various 6 digits starting with 5
West Point Mint
Year Mintage Box #/Identification
2014 23,450,000 Various 6 digits; All WP started in 1,2, or 3
2015 46,920,500 Various 6 digits; All WP started in 1,2, or 3
2016 31,900,000 Various 6 digits; All WP started in 1,2, or 3
2017 5,425,000* Various 6 digits; All WP started in 1,2, or 3

*As of March 20, 2017

Owners of Mint-sealed boxes of American Silver Eagles from 2014 to 2017 can find the box number, which is written in black marker, and determine the specific branch mint.

Contact Mark Stephenson ([email protected]) or Daniel Kedem ([email protected]) for more information on PCGS Bulk Services, including how to submit bulk quantities of 2014 to 2017 American Silver Eagles.

Founded in 1986 by distinguished numismatic experts, Professional Coin Grading Service is the most respected coin authentication and grading company in the world and has offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Paris and the United States.  For more information on PCGS and its services, visit

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