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Prediction: Surprise Origin of Proof American Eagle 'Congratulations Set' Coin To Be A Hit With Collectors

The 2017 Congratulations Set sold out within minutes of its release.

On April 4, 2017, the U.S. Mint released its annual Congratulations Set, with much more fanfare than usual.  The Set, which contains a single Proof American Silver Eagle inside a handsome presentation folder, is typically purchased as a gift for someone to commemorate a special occasion, such as graduation.  In years past, the Silver Eagle was made at the same branch of the Mint, which produced the rest of that year’s proof Silver Eagles – the West Point Mint.  However, this year, the U.S. Mint made the coins for the Congratulations Set at the San Francisco Mint, making this coin a potential hit with collectors of proof Silver Eagles.  Unsurprisingly, the Set reached “unavailable” status within minutes following its noon (EST) release.

Rather than adding the coins to the West Point portion of the PCGS population, as was the case in previous proof Silver Eagle releases, these S-Mintmark coins will comprise an entirely new population, the “Congratulations Set.”  That, combined with the fact that this is only the second time the California-based mint produced proof Silver Eagles since 1992, and that there is a product limit of only 75,000 coins, makes this release significant in many ways.

The West Point Mint has produced Proof Silver Eagles from 2001 to present, and before that, the Philadelphia Mint from 1993 to 2000.  San Francisco, however, was the original mint tasked to produce the coins in 1986, up until 1992.

Each proof American Silver Eagle released in the Congratulations Set since 2013, and graded by PCGS, was added to the normal proof Silver Eagle population for the year released.  However, with its own distinct PCGS population and expected low mintage numbers, the 2017-S American Silver Eagle is already innately more rare, and modern collectors are apt to target this.

“While reviewing upcoming releases for 2017, we realized that, due to its surprise San Francisco origins, the coins would be added to an entirely new PCGS population, and these Congratulations Set Proof Silver Eagles will probably have the lowest mintage numbers since the 1995-W Proof Silver Eagles.

So, what we have here is the first San Francisco Silver Eagle release in five years, with a separate PCGS population, and very low mintage numbers.  These coins will no doubt be popular among collectors,” said PCGS Vice President Mark Stephenson.

Additionally, PCGS will produce Congratulations Set labels for the 2017-S Proofs, available upon request.

For more information on the 2017 Congratulations Set, visit  To review the PCGS population, and monitor Congratulations Set coins, visit

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