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Highly Sought-After Modern Rarities

- September 30, 2019

1975-S Proof Set in original packaging.
1975-S Proof Set in original packaging. Click to enlarge.

Every year, thousands of collectors manage to find a special coin, a variety or error that is worth a significant premium.  Several years ago, at PCGS, we created the PCGS "Top 100 Modern Coins" list, where we highlight the rarest modern coins that can, allegedly, still be found in circulation or that are still hiding in collectors' hands.

One major rarity that is commonly sought after is the 1975 'No S' Proof Roosevelt Dime.  That year, the U.S. Mint sold 2,845,450 San Francisco Proof Sets.  The set contains a Bicentennial Eisenhower Dollar, Bicentennial Half Dollar, Bicentennial Washington Quarter, Roosevelt Dime, Jefferson Nickel, and a Lincoln Cent.  All of which bare an 'S' mintmark.  However, there are 1975 proof sets among us that contain a Proof Roosevelt Dime which does not have an 'S' mintmark.  It's like finding the 'golden ticket' in Willy Wonka.

1975 ’No S’ 10c PCGS PR68. Population 1. None Higher.
1975 ’No S’ 10c PCGS PR68. Population 1. None Higher. Click to enlarge.

Today, there are still sealed 1975 Proof Sets that collectors can purchase with the hopes of finding a rare 1975 Proof 'No S' Dime.  Coincidentally, a PCGS-graded PR68 example recently sold for $516,000.  So, if anyone does find a 1975 'No S' Proof Roosevelt Dime in their proof set, it may be the discovery of a lifetime.  This is just one of the few modern coins which can be found in circulation or that can be tucked away in collectors' closets, without them even realizing it.  Time to break out your proof sets.

Check out our PCGS "Top 100 Modern Coins" list.  These coins are either in circulation, raw, in rolls, in mint sets, proof sets or even cherry-picked at coin shops, coin shows or even at online coin auctions.  Take for example the 1974 or 1974-D Aluminum Cents.  Over the past several years, an example of each of these coins has surfaced and been certified by PCGS.  Each of these coins has an accrued value of several $100,000.  There is also the 1969-S Doubled Die Lincoln Cent, in which several authentic examples have come through our grading room.  One example just sold last year, for over $100,000.

PCGS TrueView image of 1975 'No S' 10c PCGS PR68.
PCGS TrueView image of 1975 'No S' 10c PCGS PR68.
Image courtesy of PCGS CoinFacts. Click to enlarge.

What if you were to find a 2000 $1.25 Sacagawea Dollar/Quarter Mule?  At least 18 examples have been found over the years and one example just sold this year for over $100,000.  Or what if you were to find the rarest most mysterious and controversial modern coin of all, the 1964-D Peace Dollar.  Struck at the Denver Mint in 1965, with identical design and composition to the 1921-1935 Peace Dollar, this coin never saw the light of day for the public for all 300,000 were ordered to be melted.  Rumor has it, a few got out. Who knows what this coin would bring if one ever surfaces, in my opinion, this would be the most valuable modern coin in existence, if one was ever to be found.

There are many modern coins out there waiting to be discovered by collectors.  And who knows, maybe you will be the next one to find it!  To see what other cool modern coins are out there waiting to be found, check out our list of the PCGS "Top 100 Modern Coins."

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