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Finest collection of silver Roosevelt dimes ever assembed to hit Auction block in January!

- November 12, 2008

For four years running, this collection of silver Roosevelt dimes has been ranked "All-time Finest" by PCGS. There are 48 coins in the set, and 45 of them are the finest known or tied for finest known. This set will be joined by more than 60 super gem silver Roosies, either superbly toned or pop tops, all graded. The entire collection will be auctioned by Superior Galleries at the next "FUN" show on January 4, 2009. Selected highlights of this important collection will be on display at Superior's upcoming Santa Clara Sale, November 13-16, 2008, and at the Baltimore Convention November 20-22, 2008. The date of Superior's Orlando Elite Coin Auction is January 4, 2009.

This is the famous "Just Having Fun" ("JHF") collection which has dominated the intensively-competitive Roosie dime PCGS Set RegistrySM rankings ever since it was posted in 2004. It was awarded "All-time Finest" in 2005 and every year since. In 2008, PCGS gave the JHF silver Roosie dime collection its coveted "Best Modern Set" award.

The 48 coins in the set include an amazing 45 pop tops. Six of them are pop 1/0 - the sole finest known coin. Another eight are pop 2/0. Also included are numerous graded pop tops and other high-grade PCGS coins with superb toning.

Many of these coins have been locked up in collections since the 1980s. Once they're purchased in January, they will likely be locked up for another 10 to 20 years. So this is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to build your silver Roosie dime collection with the finest coins ever graded.

Just Having Fun is a retired businessman living in Southeast Asia. He has built many great collections including:

-The beautiful full-head Standing Liberty Quarter collection also ranked "All-time Finest" by PCGS, and entered into the PCGS "Hall of Fame."

-With the Shield Nickels, Just Having Fun accomplished what, to the best of our knowledge, has never been accomplished with any other classic set - every proof and business strike is pop top.

-He's a great fan of the US-Philippine coins and has the PCGS "All-time Finest" sets in every denomination in mint state as well as proof.

-Just Having Fun also built the "All-time Finest" set of full-step Jefferson nickels, a feat of extraordinary difficulty.

Just Having Fun's collection of silver Roosie dimes has a rich history. When the PCGS set Registry was in its infancy in 1999 (literally consisting of a paperback book prepared once a year and nothing online), Mitchell Spivack registered the #1 set of silver Roosevelt dimes. The next year, Steve Heller (also a PCGS Hall of Famer) merged Spivack's set with his own #3 set of silver Roosies. Heller continued upgrading the set throughout the next 5 years.

By then, Just Having Fun was intensely collecting silver Roosies on his own. He bought the Heller collection and consolidated it with his own. He later bought the collection of another avid silver Roosie collector, Nick Cascio. So this set represents three decades of loving, intense collecting of the most beautifully-toned and fully-struck silver Roosies available, by four great collectors: Spivack, Heller, Cascio, and Just Having Fun. This landmark auction of the world's finest silver Roosie set is being handled by Just Having Fun's agent, Spivack, who is known on the PCGS message board as "wondercoin."

Spivack chose Superior Galleries to host the auction because of their appreciation of modern coins, and their ability to create catalogs that visually capture the beauty of the coins. He's working closely with senior auction director Paul Song from Superior. There will be a separate, full-color auction catalog to showcase this spectacular collection of silver Roosie dimes. The catalog will contain pedigree information on the dimes, so it will be an important reference book for Roosie dime collectors for generations to come.

For further information, contact Paul Song, Senior Vice President of Auctions, [email protected], or call 800-545-1001.

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