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By Jaime Hernandez - December 14, 2022

The year 2023 is right around the corner. As we look back and reflect at some of the coins and banknotes that have sold this past year, it’s exciting to imagine what other great coins will come to market in 2023. There is always buzz in the coin market, and featured here are two amazing coins and a great banknote that recently dazzled on the auction block.

1927-D Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle, PCGS MS66

Considered by many to be the rarest business-strike coin issued by the U.S. Mint in the 20th century, the 1927-D Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle is a significant coin. It is estimated that only about a dozen or so examples exist. However, some of these are tied up in private institutions or museums. It is also believed that only seven examples are available to collectors, despite its large mintage of 180,000. A great rarity, this coin seldom appears on the market. When it is offered for sale, it commands strong interest and a hefty price. This is exactly what occurred on August 22, 2022, when a PCGS MS66 example was offered by Heritage Auctions and sold for an impressive $4,440,000.

1927-D Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle, PCGS MS66. Courtesy of PCGS TrueView. Click image to enlarge.

1952-S Washington-Carver Commemorative Half Dollar, PCGS MS68 – Pedigree: Gregg Bingham, former NFL player for the Houston Oilers

The 1952-S Washington-Carver Commemorative Half Dollar has a relatively low mintage, and finding examples graded above MS66 is extremely challenging. At PCGS, we have only graded 16 in MS67 to MS67+, showing how difficult this coin is to obtain in higher grades. There is just one graded PCGS MS68 with none finer, and this specimen is attractively toned with impeccable surfaces. What's also special about this coin is that it has a special pedigree, as the coin belonged to former NFL player Gregg Bingham, who was a linebacker for the Houston Oilers from 1973 through 1985. He became a coin collector with a love for commemoratives. On June 19, 2022, his PCGS MS68 example was offered by GreatCollections, where it realized an astonishing $75,937.

1952-S Washington-Carver Commemorative Half Dollar, PCGS MS68. Courtesy of PCGS TrueView. Click image to enlarge.

1886 $10 Silver Certificate, PCGS Gem Unc 65 PPQ - Fr. 291.

The 1886 $10 Silver Certificate Fr. 291 saw only 400,000 examples printed, making it a very scarce banknote. The front top-left of the note has the “TEN” denoting its denomination, in dollars, spelled out; on the right it has the denomination with the “10” numerals. The front of the banknote also has the words “Ten Silver” and “Ten Dollars” in the middle area of the banknote. In between the two phrases, is a portrait of Thomas A. Hendricks, who in 1885, was the vice-president of the United States for a few months. On the lower right-hand corner there is a prominent red seal. The central back section of the banknote has two large “10” digits, and four smaller “10” digits at each corner of the banknote. On August 24, 2022, Stack’s Bowers Galleries offered an attractive example of this 1886 $10 Silver Certificate FR. 291, graded PCGS Gem Unc 65PPQ. This banknote, with a population of one at PCGS Banknote and no examples graded higher, sold for an impressive $78,000 at auction.

1886 $10 Silver Certificate, PCGS Gem Unc 65 PPQ. Courtesy of PCGS. Click image to enlarge.
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