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PCGS Currency Set Registry Continues to Grow

- January 19, 2010

PCGS Currency introduced several new sets this week to the PCGS Currency Set Registry.  Two new Federal Reserve Bank Note sets to the PCGS Currency Set Registry are among these additions.  Collectors can now enter notes from their collection to compete in sets that include all combined FRBN denominations, not just for individual denomination sets.

Collectors may now compete in the Federal Reserve Bank Notes 1929 Denomination Set All Districts set, as well as the Federal Reserve Bank Notes 1929 Denomination Set All Districts With Stars set.  These sets, which include 49 notes and 97 notes respectively, represent complete collections of Federal Reserve Bank Notes, which were issued in Small Size only for the series of 1929.

"We have been very busy adding new sets," stated Laura A. Kessler, Vice President of PCGS Currency.  "These two sets represent the pinnacle for Small Size FRBN collectors, especially the "with Stars" set—which includes all of the great Star Note rarities from this ephemeral series."

Also making their first appearance this week were several new block sets.  Collectors may now compete in 1935A $1 Silver Certificate Block Sets with and without varieties.  The basic block set includes 69 different notes, and encompasses all the different serial number blocks printed for the 1935A $1 Silver Certificate series.  The "with Varieties" set includes more than 90 different notes, and also includes Experimental issues and Mules.  These two new Silver Certificate block sets are advanced sets for ambitious collectors, but neither set is impossible.  There are some rarities included in both sets, however a nearly complete collection can be assembled without great expense or difficulty.

The PCGS Currency Set Registry was introduced in 2007, and has expanded from just a few sets to almost 1,200 collector participants competing in more than 200 different categories.  Collectors compete by entering notes from their collection into a safe and secure database, and individual notes are ranked by grade and weighted by rarity.

Information on competing in the PCGS Currency Set Registry, or joining the PCGS Currency Collectors Club, may be obtained by visiting the PCGS Currency website at, or by calling (309) 222-8200.

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