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Noteworthy Notes: 1934-B $20 Federal Reserve Note, PCGS VF25
From rarity and remarkability to vibrancy and value, United States small-size banknotes seem to exist in the shadow of their pre-1929 large-size counterparts in nearly every way possible. (more...)

Approaching Perfection – One in a Billion?
The 1899 Series $1 “Black Eagle” Silver Certificate is United States’ banknotes’ crisp, colorful response to U.S. coinage’s Morgan Dollar. (more...)

Noteworthy Notes: 1902 $5 Red Seal National Bank Note
Some banknotes are shining stars – even if they are not technically Star Notes (also known as Replacement Notes). (more...)

Noteworthy Notes 1960 Curaçao 100 Gulden
In the wide, wild world of numismatics, a banknote’s advanced, historically rich age and/or extremely lofty state of preservation are almost always the determining factors behind its desirability and ultimate value. (more...)

Noteworthy Notes: 19th-Century Hawaiian Seminary Scrip
We typically showcase one single, exceptional note here that the PCGS Banknote team selectively handpicks out of the thousands of notes it certifies each month. (more...)

What is an MPC?
One specialized area of banknote collecting that is of particular interest for people like me who grew up in a military family are MPCs, or Military Payment Certificates. (more...)

Vietnam-Era 1969 Military Payment Certificate Series 681
One superb way to honor military veterans of the United States Armed Forces is to examine and admire a particular series of Military Payment Certificates, or MPCs (more...)

Noteworthy Notes: 1869 $1 Legal Tender Rainbow Note Error
Numbers are used to represent and differentiate many specific things in this multifarious world of ours. (more...)

Noteworthy Notes: A New Discovery Receives a Freidberg Number
Friedberg... It’s one of the most preeminent names in all of American numismatics — one that is practically synonymous with United States banknotes. (more...)

Noteworthy Notes: 1889 Bank of North Queensland £1
G’day, mate! In a bit of a geographic departure from the early American banknotes showcased in the most recent Noteworthy Notes features (more...)

PCGS begins grading full and half packs of U.S. small-size notes and unveils a new holder for smaller notes.
Professional Coin Grading Service ( has officially launched pack grading for those who wish to submit their banknote packs for encapsulation. (more...)

Noteworthy Notes Classic New Jersey 6 Shilling Colonial Note
Here in the PCGS grading room, we certainly come across our fair share of the earliest types of American banknotes (more...)

Noteworthy Notes: 1868 National Lincoln Monument Association Donation Receipt
It may come as a surprise to some people that PCGS Banknote authenticates and grades not only banknotes, but also a whole host of other monetary instruments (more...)

Noteworthy Notes: T-47 1862 Confederate States of America
Few eras throughout the course of human history have been subject to as much vigorous scholarly research and debate as the American Civil War. (more...)

Noteworthy Notes: Military Payment Certificates Rank High Among Collectors
Some PCGS Rare Coin Market Report readers may wonder what exactly makes a banknote “noteworthy” and how one would be selected to be featured here. (more...)

PCGS Banknote Grades Finest-Known Example of One of the First Western Banknotes Ever Issued
PCGS recently graded one of just six known February 3, 1690/91 20 Shillings Colonial banknotes. (more...)

Noteworthy Notes: PCGS Banknote Grades Rare Series of 1880 “Black Back” $100 Silver Certificate
PCGS recently graded an exemplary specimen of the rare 1880 “Black Back” $100 Silver Certificate, a relic from a time when the United States silver dollar was about to enter a new and colorful chapter of existence.(more...)

Why Did U.S. Banknotes Shrink in Size?
Those who are aware of classic United States banknotes from the 1920s or earlier have certainly noticed today's folding money isn't as physically large in size as it once was. In fact, modern circulating United States Federal Reserve Notes are about 30% smaller than they were before 1929, when the nation's banknotes shrank in size from a standard 7.38 by 3.13 inches to the current 6.14 by 2.61 inches. (more...)

Noteworthy Notes: Scarce "Triple Sig" Series 1882 $50 Gold Certificate Found in an Old Book
Recently, PCGS Banknote had this beautiful Gold Certificate come through the grading room. Interestingly, the submitter had no idea of the value, and when we had to move the submission to a more valuable tier, she explained that she had just found the banknote in an old book from her husband's father and was valuing it at the price she was offered. (more...)

Noteworthy Notes: The Unique in Private Hands Series 1875 $500 New York, NY National Bank Note
PCGS Banknote recently had the opportunity to grade the Series 1875 $500 New York, NY National Bank Note. This unique rarity was graded VF20 with notations of Repairs and Pinholes. But what's the story behind this most unusual note? (more...)

What’s My $2 Bill Worth? Why Are $2 Bills So Rare?
Did you recently come across a $2 bill and wonder what it's worth?  You're not alone... The $2 bill is one of the seemingly most unusual types of banknotes Americans have the pleasure of (occasionally) stumbling upon today.  Quite often, the non-collector's rare encounter with a $2 bill is associated with an event of good tidings – perhaps the $2 bill is a holiday gift, or it's given to the recipient as part of a tip. (more...)

A Closer Look: Series of 1896 $2 Silver Certificate
The Series of 1896 Silver Certificates are referred to as the "Educational Series" in the hobby due to the design on the $1 "History Instructing Youth" issue.  All three denominations in this series consist of elaborate allegorical artwork on the face of the note that makes one forget for a moment that they are looking at a banknote instead of a mural. (more...)

Republic of Texas 1843 25¢ Exchequer Bill
Prior to being admitted to the union as the 28th state, Texas existed as a republic from 1836 to 1846.  Famous Texan Sam Houston would be elected as president of the Republic of Texas twice, the second time rigorously overseeing the final issue of Texas paper money before statehood. (more...)

PCGS Banknote Grades Ultra-Rare $1,000 Grand Watermelon Note
(Santa Ana, California) – The finest-known example of the ultra-rare 1890 $1,000 "Grand Watermelon" Treasury Note, which in 2005 became the first banknote to bring $1 million at auction, has been certified and graded by PCGS Banknote ( (more...)

A Closer Look at the Series of 1918 $2 "Battleship Notes"
Federal Reserve Bank Notes differ from Federal Reserve Notes in the language of which entity will be paying to the bearer on demand.  "FRBNs," as they are referred to in the hobby, were actually payable by the individual Federal Reserve banks, whereas "FRNs" were payable by the United States. (more...)

A Closer Look at a Series of 1869 $1 "Rainbow Note"
The Series of 1869 United States Notes, dubbed "Legal Tenders" by banknote collectors, were printed under the authority of the Congressional Act of March 3, 1863, which authorized an issue of $150 million in banknotes representing a variety of denominations not less than one dollar. (more...)

A Brief Introduction to the Many Types of U.S. Banknotes
While China has the honor of being the birthplace of paper notes hundreds of years before the United States, the first issued by a government in the Western Hemisphere took place right in Colonial America. (more...)

PCGS Banknote Accepting Paper Money Submissions January 2020
Professional Coin Grading Service ( will again be authenticating, grading, and certifying United States and world paper money domestically with the launch of a new service, PCGS Banknote (, in early January 2020. (more...)

PCGS Team Grows with Exciting New Talent
(Santa Ana, California) – The Professional Coin Grading Service ( team has gained three new members bringing a wide range of numismatic knowledge and business acumen. (more...)

New PCGS Currency Label Layout for "Apparent" Grades
PCGS Currency has announced that, effective immediately, notes with major problems, repairs, and/or restorations will no longer be designated by the word "Apparent" on the label. (more...)

2013 PCGS Currency Set Registry Award's Deadline is Approaching!
The deadline for this year's PCGS Currency Set Registry Awards is Wednesday, May 1st. Any new sets or edits to existing sets must be published before MIDNIGHT CENTRAL TIME (1:00 AM EST or 10:00 PM PST).  All sets which are in the top of their category are considered in contention. (more...)

February PCGS Currency Collectors Club Special - "Celebrate Our 500,000th Note!"
For the month of February, to celebrate the grading of the 500,000th note certified by PCGS Currency, submit any $5 denomination government-issued United States or Canadian note (maximum value $500 per note) for discounted fees. (more...)

PCGS Currency Graded Notes Highlight Heritage Sale
Numerous notes graded by PCGS Currency highlighted the Heritage Currency Auctions Signature sale at the American Numismatic Association Fall 2012 National Money Show in Dallas, Texas. (more...)

Titanic Survivor’s Dollar Bill Certified
The 1899 $1 Silver Certificate a survivor of the S.S. Titanic had in his pocket a century ago when he was rescued from the Atlantic Ocean, and then was later inscribed by him, has been certified by PCGS Currency. (more...)

PCGS Currency Expanding in World Notes Market
With the growing popularity of World Notes in today's collecting market, PCGS Currency answers their customer's needs by offering a monthly special for their Collector Club members.  For the month of September, customers of PCGS Currency are able to submit their non-US currency at a discounted rate. (more...)

2011 PCGS Currency Set Registry Award's Deadline is Approaching!
The deadline for this year's PCGS Currency Set Registry Awards is Sunday, May 8th. Any new sets or edits to existing sets must be published before 1:00 AM EST (10:00 PM PST). To review the list of award categories, please click here. All sets which are in the top in their category are considered in contention... (more...)

PCGS Currency Releases Population Report for Serial Number Blocks
The newest resource for paper money collectors is now available online.  PCGS Currency has expanded the PCGS Currency Population Report, a report by grade of more than 250,000 notes authenticated and certified by PCGS Currency, to include population by serial number block. (more...)

PCGS Currency Continues to Support YN Program
In 2009 25 young numismatists participated in the Young Notables Group at Dutton Elementary School.  The 25 3-5th graders were the part of an ongoing after school enrichment program facilitated by Frank Renberg, a Society of Paper Money Collectors member who shares his knowledge with the next generation of collectors. (more...)

PCGS Currency Set Registry Continues to Grow
PCGS Currency introduced several new sets this week to the PCGS Currency Set Registry.  Two new Federal Reserve Bank Note sets to the PCGS Currency Set Registry are among these additions. (more...)

John Markis of Trusted Traditions Announces the Sale of the Finest Known 1934 - $5,000 and $10,000 Banknotes
After wide-ranging negotiations, mediated by John Markis of Trusted Traditions, two mavens in the certified rare banknote hobby, agreed to the sale of the highest graded, $10,000 and $5,000, Series 1934, Federal Reserve Banknotes available anywhere in the world... (more...)

PCGS Currency Holders "Take the Heat"
With only a dozen exceptions, all the paper items in a Florida collector's home safe were destroyed or damaged by intense heat during a house fire. (more...)

Bowers and Merena Realizes More Than $6.2 Million At The Baltimore Coin And Currency Convention
Bowers and Merena Auctions, America's leading rare coin auction house, posted another highly successful outing in Baltimore as Official Auctioneer of the Baltimore Coin and Currency Convention. (more...)

PCGS Currency Notifies FBI of "D.B. Cooper" Serial Numbers
During the recent examination and certification of recovered money from the famous 1971 “D. B. Cooper” skyjacking case, PCGS Currency staff members discovered nearly three dozen serial numbers that apparently had not been previously recorded by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. (more...)

PCGS Currency Adds New Set Registry Sets
Since the launch of the PCGS Currency Set Registry last May, interest in the Set Registry has been steadily growing with more than 400 Sets currently registered. After receiving many requests for additional sets, PCGS Currency is pleased to announce the addition of new Large Size and Small Size sets in the Registry. (more...)

PCGS Currency Releases Online Paper Money Population Report
An important new resource for paper money collectors now is available online. The extensive PCGS Currency Population Report(SM), a census database of more than 80,000 notes authenticated and certified by PCGS Currency, is updated daily and is available by subscription to members of the PCGS Currency Collectors Club and PCGS Currency authorized dealers. (more...)

First Large Size U.S. Note Graded "69PPQ" by PCGS Currency to Sell in Teletrade Auction
A Fr. 230 1899 Silver Certificate graded Superb Gem New 69PPQ by PCGS Currency is being offered by Teletrade in their upcoming auction ending on Monday, December 10, 2007. (more...)

CCE and PCGS Currency Launch Currency Marketplace
In a move that is expected to significantly boost activity in the already brisk paper money market, the Certified Coin Exchange (CCE) in conjunction with PCGS Currency has established the Currency Marketplace, a new CCE service where collectors can view, select from and buy thousands of bank notes offered by many of the top currency dealers. (more...)

PCGS Currency to No Longer Use "Red Holders" for Problem Notes
PCGS Currency has announced that, effective immediately, notes with major problems and/or restorations will no longer be placed in "Red Holders". (more...)

PCGS Set Registry Announces New Set Composites (9/11/07)
PCGS Currency Set Registry announces new Set Composites are now online. The new Set Composites include Federal Reserve Bank Notes 1929 Boston District Denomination Set No Stars, Federal Reserve Bank Notes 1929 Boston District Denomination Set With Stars and many more. (more...)

Laura A. Kessler Joins PCGS Currency Team
Laura A. Kessler has been named Vice President of Business Development for PCGS Currency, one of the world’s largest rare paper money authentication and grading certification services and a division of Collectors Universe, Inc. (NASDAQ: CLCT). (more...)

PCGS Currency Set Registry Now Online
A new, free interactive service for bank note collectors is now online: the PCGS Currency Set Registry. (more...)

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